Jennifer Bond, CISA

Sarbanes-Oxley IT Audit Manager / Manager IT Risk & Compliance

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- Experienced in Information Systems, Systems Architecture, Network Security and Corporate Governance audits. Experience includes Sarbanes-Oxley, (Multilateral Instrument) MI 52-109, Bill-198 (Canada) Internal IT Audit, IT audit management, and audit findings remediation. Extensive experience in over all GRC and Corporate Governance in the Finance/IT/Enterprise space.


 - Extensive experience dealing with remediation of external audit findings and implementation of complex solutions to mitigate control deficiencies.  Specialized in, and experienced in, global solutions to complex IT audit risk issues. Bringing solutions to audit, not just findings. Proudly providing remediation solutions, not just talk. Together with the client, working as a team, solving the issues and enforcing those solutions when under pressure from external audit. Proven track record pushing back and getting wins, in your corner.


- Experience in the implementation of the COSO and COBIT frameworks, auditing of General Computing Controls (GCC), Change Management (CM), Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), System Security (including both physical and logical access), entity-level controls, physical security (including data center physical security and environmental) controls, Disaster Recovery (DR), Segregation of Duties (SOD), etc.


- Specialties: IT Audit, Sarbanes-Oxley, SOX, GRC, Corporate Governance, Risk Mitigation, C-SOX, Bill 198, Control Deficiency Remediation, SDLC, Fujitsu Macroscope, P+ (Productivity Plus), CMMi, Process Improvement, Business Continuity.





11/2016 – Present
Allegiant Airlines

Las Vegas, NV USA
Manager, IT Risk & Compliance (Employee)


- Holding the position of Manager of IT Risk & Compliance managed the oversight and documentation of the Information Security/Information Technology risk management program, third party risk assessments, and corporate BCP/DR initiatives. Was also responsible for managing a variety of annual/quarterly/monthly procedures/controls such as; user access reviews, policy updates, testing, etc.


- Hired and led a team of Sr. IT Risk & Compliance Analyst's dedicated to managing IT Governance, Risk & Compliance including but not limited to Sarbanes-Oxley, BCP (Business Continuity), and DR (Disaster Recovery).


- Managed the risk assessments for IT. This involves defining the methodology, identifying the risks presented by technological and process changes. This included the review of supporting processes/ procedures, etc. to ensure the proper controls are in place and risks are appropriately mitigated. Ability to investigate, document and report on incidents that impact confidentiality, integrity and/or availability.


- IT Risk Consulting: Works with and manages IT Risk & Compliance Analysts to assess risks associated with technology solutions and ensures appropriate remediation strategies are employed. Consults with senior managers to identify and assess current and emerging risks and strategic initiatives.


- Support the Sarbanes-Oxley and/or IT Audit process to ensure its success. Develop and manage effective IT controls and action plans for any deficiencies. Define action plans and timelines with process owners and manage them to completion/implementation


- Lead the development of risk metric and reporting frameworks for Information Security. Delivers these metrics and reports on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Manage and ensure all IT Policies, Standards and Procedures meet the guidelines established for each; ensure they are properly housed, refreshed, inventoried and approved.



08/2013 – 09/2016
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Law Enforcement Related Position (Employee)


- Obtained Security Clearance from a Federal Law Enforcement Agency.


- Took and passed (recommend for hire) exhaustive pre-employment background check and polygraph.


- Not permitted to discuss specific details of engagement.



11/2007 – 08/2013
Boeing Airplane Company

Seattle, WA USA
Sarbanes-Oxley IT Auditor, Process Architect (Supply Chain),

Boeing Enterprise Supplier Tool (BEST) (Consultant and Boeing employee)

(Contract engagement then on 02/22/2009 I then accepted/rolled over into a permanent Boeing position)


- Directed activities to define, deploy, evaluate and support common computing standards, CMMI, IT processes, tools and process/performance metrics.


- Acted as advocate for business unit in all external audit experiences, acting as pseudo legal council to back up any unfounded findings by External Audit, have had numerous control deficiencies overturned by my ability to document the justification for the existing system or the existing control architecture. This work by myself saved Boeing Airplane Corporation several hundred thousand dollars in mitigating the need for a 3rd party SDLD system that Deloitte insisted we put into place until my documentation and business case led to the overturning of their own findings by Deloitte management.


- Proven/documented record having been able to have deficiencies found by one of Deloitte & Touche External Auditors overturned by their high level Management after review of the extensive business case justification that I wrote for their Auditor finding the control deficient. My ability to talk through this unjust finding and have it overturned saved Boeing tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary code change and rework.


- Performed documentation and design of controls for the Boeing Enterprise Supplier Tool (BEST) Supply Chain application. Participated in audits and performed continuous control monitoring via Self Assessments (Scheduling, participating, and updating Risk Navigator/GRC).


- Analyzed test rating results (from both Corporate Audit and Deloitte & Touche) and initiate escalation as appropriate. Reviewed proposed control changes to determine whether requests require Change Board approval or not. Identified qualitative and quantitative improvement measures. Advised on the selection of key parameters and standards to monitor progress for SCMS Boeing Enterprise Supplier Tool.


- Coordinated Corporate Audit and Deloitte & Touche testing with control performers. Acted as a Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Subject Matter Expert by partnering with the Q&C SOX technical experts in the transfer of knowledge to Identify opportunities for improvement. Audited internal controls using the COSO/COBIT framework while providing assurance of the control design and operating effectiveness. Developed detailed test plans using a risk-based approach that link business risks to key controls.


- Authored “Segregation of Duties” (SOD) whitepaper/guidance used as a standard model to enterprise-wide Boeing IT. Provided training to several Business Units on effective implementation of this SOD deliverable.



08/2006 – 12/2006
Boeing Airplane Company

Seattle, WA USA
Sarbanes-Oxley IT Audit Subject Matter Expert (Consultant)


-  Same as above permanent employee position.



07/2006 – 08/2006
Cantor Fitzgerald (BGC, eSpeed)
London, England (Canary Wharf)
Sarbanes-Oxley IT GCC Internal Audit Engagement Manager (Consultant)


- Short project to assist Cantor Fitzgerald with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance at their London, England location. Performed in-depth IT control assessments, documented test requirements, and suggested remediation alternatives where required.


- Managed and provided leadership to audit team. Conducted Sarbanes-Oxley training for auditors new to Sarbanes-Oxley and the Cantor Fitzgerald group of companies. Tracked all scoping, documentation and testing at the control-per-system level and minimized any slippage in testing, documenting or remediation.



03/2005 – 04/2005

Honeywell Aerospace Corporation

Tempe, Arizona USA

Sarbanes-Oxley SAP Financials Internal Auditor (Consultant)


- Performed process mapping & documentation of key processes. Conducted process walk-through and risk identification in each process. Verified application and configuration controls in SAP system. Performed segregation of duties and user authorizations validation.


- Explored and recommended remediation of deficiencies in control design & effectiveness. Assisted with remediation of design gaps and their documentation. Assisted client in assuring controls and assessing risk management systems by incorporating control assurance into the audit process.


- Offered a broad continuum of services that identified, documented flows, mapped legacy flows to SAP Sarbanes-Oxley environment, developed and tested internal controls and policies.



07/2005 – 11/2005
Intel Corporation

Folsom, California USA
Sarbanes-Oxley IT Internal Audit Lead (Consultant)


- Acted in role of Project Manager to plan engagement work, define needed information, track status and minimize schedule slippage. Acted as mentor to a staff of approx. 20 junior Auditors. Planned and executed technical and general computer IT audits, systems, development/conversion reviews, and business process/applications controls reviews.


- Acted in QA (Quality Assurance) role of work papers, audit findings and remediation recommendations. Conducted Sarbanes-Oxley training to Auditors new to Sarbanes-Oxley and the Intel Corporation.



01/2005 – 03/2005
EaglePicher Corporation

Phoenix, Arizona USA
Sarbanes-Oxley IT Internal Auditor (Consultant)


- Performed project planning and management of Sarbanes-Oxley IT compliance efforts. Identified issues, which impacted the reliability of IT infrastructure.


- Lead collaborative efforts in performing an assessment of current IT compliance state and gap analysis including survey and/or interviewing activity with different IT environments (e.g.: Windows 2000/XP Server team, HP-UX team, SQL Server, 802.11 Wireless) and business users/divisions.


- Assisted in the development of process and procedure documentation (process narratives, policies, procedures and flowcharts) based on COBIT framework for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.


- Identified and analyzed risks & suggested opportunities to strengthen IT internal controls.



10/2004 – 1/2005

Maxwell Technologies

San Diego, California USA
Senior Sarbanes-Oxley IT Auditor (Consultant)


- Performed complex evaluation of Excel documents to expose material weaknesses to company financials, assisted with remediation of issues found. Recommended and implemented countermeasures to immediately reduce the risk exposure and provided longer-term architecture security recommendations.


- Assisted with Sarbanes-Oxley audit management, performed activities necessary to develop and present a complete analysis of internal control issue(s) to the Special SOX Compliance and Tax Officer, Disclosure Committee and Audit Committee. Assisted with SOX change management, evaluated, documented additions to, and changes in internal controls relating to SOX.



10/2004 – 12/2004

Business Objects
Vancouver, BC Canada, Paris, France, and Maidenhead, England
Senior Sarbanes-Oxley Internal IT Auditor (Consultant)


- Acting in the role of a Sarbanes-Oxley IT Audit Manager, performed risk assessments, wrote process narratives, audit test plans, wrote work papers, remediation documents and other required documents.


- Acted in role of Senior SOX Internal Auditor in risk acceptance testing of systems included SOX critical financial database servers, PeopleSoft ERM servers, and workstations for a multinational corporation. Worked with business users to research and document SOX key controls, classify their risk to the company and effectively write required documentation and test plans.


- Educated internal business users, owners, focals and management staff on any deficiencies and remediation required. Performed extensive Sarbanes-Oxley IT Design Effectiveness and Operational Effectiveness testing, documentation and remediation. Assessed and audited WW IT Applications process compliance against Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines.


- Implemented QA mechanisms that will be compliant with regulatory requirements, and effectively utilized quality management techniques, chiefly continuous process improvement. Included industry best practices like ITIL, SEI-CMM. Key in creating and helping implement quality methodology and standards for software development for projects, change control processes.


- Assisted in developing and recommending key process steps that need to be implemented for compliance. Assisted the quality services manager to prepare for the compliance assurance to be done by internal and external auditors.


- Assisted in creating and managing a repository of compliance related information. Handholds IT WW Applications teams on the compliance process and educated them on WW IT Applications QA processes and conducted compliance and process orientation sessions for all groups with WW IT Applications,



09/2004 – 10/2004

Boeing Airplane Company

Renton, Washington and Huntington Beach, California USA

Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Internal Auditor (IT/Finance) (Consultant)


- Performed testing of controls with external auditor (Deloitte & Touché LLP) and internal auditor (Jefferson Wells) to certify compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley section 404. Created audit plans to assess compliance of functional financial operations. Worked with external consultants assisting in documentation and testing, reviewed and assessed documentation, and implemented Risk Navigator software. Reviewing and/or establishing policies, plans and procedures.


- Primarily responsible for coordinating Sarbanes-Oxley Rule 404 documentation and testing throughout Boeing Commercial Airplane Corporation (Finance). Liaised with and worked with external consultants assisting in documentation and testing, review and assess documentation, and implement Risk Navigator software. Coordinated testing and evaluation schedules, provided training, and evaluated issues. - Served as Controller's liaison to internal and external auditors, relating to Sarbanes-Oxley Rule 404.


- Assisted with projects related to internal controls and provide guidance to department managers in assessing their internal controls. Other responsibilities included, but were not limited to, researching and documenting technical accounting issues, leading development and implementation of improved accounting systems, assisting with the month-end close, preparing and analyzing SEC reports, preparing monthly variance analysis, and other Sarbanes-Oxley 404 financial reporting duties.


- Identifying errors, omissions, inconsistencies and potential abuses and reporting these findings to senior management. Developing audit planning documents, test plans and programs; preparing and reviewing audit work papers to ensure compliance with auditing standards, and preparing reports to management & the audit committee.



06/2004 – 09/2004

AT&T Wireless

Bothell, Washington USA

Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Internal Auditor (SNOC, Security Network Operations Center) (Consultant)


- Documented and tested policies and procedures required for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Worked with Management to determine requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance in a Network Security Architecture. Identified the key AT&T Wireless Network Services assets that are critical to the company’s financial operations. Authored and updated network security policy documents.


- Evaluated procurement of Intrusion Detection System, network and host based sensors, and Snort, Protocol Analysis. Performed security log correlation and analysis, (Syslog, Firewall, Application, Tripwire etc). Identified issues and proposed solutions, supporting implementation of solutions working with all business functions. Identified appropriate audit and control standards for AT&T Wireless Network Services.

Identify the key AT&T Wireless Network Services assets that are critical to the company’s financial operations.


- Implemented detective/manual controls for: Access Management, Vulnerability Management, and Perimeter Defense. Performed analysis of Risk for SOX 404 issues. Performed scenario based testing of actions causing control point breaches. Provided input to documentation team for modification and regression testing of process flow-charts. Ensured effective design and implementation of external and internal audits. Developed effective network security solutions across all components of designated platforms, IDS – Real Secure, Network and Host based sensors, Snort, Protocol Analysis. Conducted Security Log correlation and Analysis, (Syslog, Firewall, Application, Tripwire etc).



05/2004 – 08/2004

Emergency Vehicle Accessories and Communications, Inc. (EVAC)

Lakewood, Washington USA

Law Enforcement Emergency Equipment Telecommunications Technician (Consultant)


- Consultant for medium sized business which provided design, installation, testing, repair, and maintenance of communications equipment (and other equipment) for Emergency Response Vehicles and Mobile Command Posts for civilian, local, State, and Federal government agencies.


- Operated Installation, service, and maintenance contracts with local, State, and Federal agencies including:


• Washington State Patrol (WSP)

• US Secret Service (USSS)

• US Federal Protective Service (US FPS)

• US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (US ICE)

• Federal Way Police Department (FWPD)

• Lakewood Police Department (LPD)

• Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

• Bellevue Police and Fire Departments (BPD & BFD)

• Fort Lewis Police Department (US Army)

• Washington State Emergency Management Agency


- Provided on demand service for over 50 other agencies, civilian medical response companies (ambulance services), and mobile security companies.


- Outside of this role, many years of experience in developing, modifying, testing, implementing, troubleshooting, and installation of various systems which include mobile radio networks and systems, computer/radio network interface (hybrid) systems (hardware and software), computer/emergency equipment interfaces (hardware and software), and non-networked electrical systems.


- Experienced in desktop workstation build, troubleshooting, maintenance, modifications, hardware upgrades, and software installation and upgrades. Experienced in laptop mobile installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, software installation, and integration of external hardware to installed software programs.


- Experienced in Project Management, Project Cost/Benefit Analysis, Budget Analysis and Planning, time management, and personnel training, evaluation and management.



09/2003 – 05/2004

Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, Washington USA

MSN Global Network Operations Center (NOC) Systems Engineer (Consultant)


- Member of Tier 5 Technical Support team for MSN Broadband and Narrowband. Successfully resolve hardware, software, connectivity, statistical, and other technical issues surrounding the MSN DSL and Narrowband services offered by Microsoft. Create tools and docs in order to reduce costs and overhead in providing both DSL and Narrowband service to partner companies (Qwest, Level3, Sprint, MCI etc).


- Preparation and presentation training on MSN Internet access procedures and policies.  Topics include working with 3rd Party Vendors (ILEC), DSL connectivity, and specific troubleshooting for MSN Broadband. Performed Quality Assurance testing of various stages of the MSN experience; including sign up as well as ongoing user experience and improvements. Reported BUGS to development team, performed regression testing of various builds of the application software. Opening tickets with ILECs partners to resolve connectivity issues. Creation of how to documentation for trainingf on internal and external tools. Resolved MSN Executive Escalations, working issues escalated from the VP level and above.


- Generate service outages from different ILECs through customer (Qwest, Level3, Sprint, MCI etc.) viewable Web and email notifications. Provided migration services transferring customer accounts from narrowband to broadband. Process escalations from outsourced customer support organizations. Process issues covering a wide range of activities, from DSL connection troubleshooting, client PC configuration, to DSL order manipulation. Work with ILECs and nationwide IP carriers to resolve DSL provisioning and connectivity issues.


- Corrected POP3 routing issues causing widespread delivery failures. Performed QA testing of narrowband, broadband, Explorer, Signup paths, In-Line RAC and Microsoft Companion customer signups to ensure consistency and reliability. Provide leadership role to fellow team members on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty



01/2001 – 12/2001

Boeing Airplane Company

Renton, Washington USA

Computing Infrastructure Management, Software Systems Architect (Consultant)


- Delegated and provided leadership over File-Share/Resource, Client-Server Application, and Web Application, Database Server and Multi-Tier requests and requirements for BCAG customer’s enterprise wide. Saved various internal Boeing Company groups over $1,000,000.00 in budget by providing creative resolutions to shared server requirements.


- Developed and applied systems engineering, testing, and architecture design methods, processes, tools, and techniques to analyze total systems, technology, and process integration requirements across multiple applications. Performed comprehensive architecture design activities from definitions of conceptual, functional, and performance requirements through final system verification and development.


- Managed the configuration, testing and deployment of desktop systems and productivity applications for BCAG (Boeing Commercial Airplane Group) customers in both the Renton and Seattle campuses. Wrote and executed system test plans for high-capacity web server software, database-driven web-based applications on Windows NT platform and Windows NT GUI applications.


- Converted the legacy testing practice from start-up ad hoc methods to structured process-oriented methods and templates while preserving responsiveness and mobility.


- Delivered on time and under budget, complex software systems engineering and architecture design methods, processes, tools, and techniques to analyze computing systems, technology, and process integration requirements across multiple applications.


- Managed and provided leadership over File-Share/Resource, Client-Server Application, Web Application, Database Server and Multi-Tier requests and requirements for BCAG customer’s enterprise wide.  Developed and recommended short and long-term storage and archival strategies by analyzing capacity usage and technology trends, existing capacity, and future needs.



02/2000 – 01/2001

Compaq Computer Corporation

Bellevue, Washington USA

Software Systems Engineer IIS/SQL Server Subject Matter Expert  (Compaq Employee)


- Performed Intranet Webmaster/Intranet, Internet development work, testing (Usability of the GUI and Stress) on internal and external Web sites. Oversaw Intranet architecture for large site providing information worldwide. Sole Architect for new global Intranet site, coded, tested and managed user permissions, performed server administration, performed web analysis. Established standards for development. Instructed new developers on proper coding syntax. Created graphics used on site, wrote documentation, acted as focal for technical and programming questions.


- Oversaw web server upgrade projects, provided expertise, planning and supported various web application projects. Coordinated the integration, performed trouble-shooting, and administered systems used as part of the software development policy for release to Microsoft for build into the latest version of the Windows operating system.



10/1999 – 02/2000

Esterline Technologies

Seattle, Washington USA

PeopleSoft/SQL Server DBA, NT System Administrator (Consultant)


- Managed Y2K test program (certification testing, re-certification, external testing, integration testing of SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 DBA for PeopleSoft HRMS system that served 14 corporations worldwide. Responsible for performing, loading, and testing PeopleSoft upgrades including patches/fixes, installation, configuration and monitoring of Application Servers on Windows NT with multiple domains, Tuxedo, PS Web Servers, Batch servers and architecture security.


- Responsible for performance tuning and testing of servers and databases, backup and recovery, adding, deleting and monitoring databases, managing user security, writing user documentation, researched, purchased and performed hardware/software upgrades, installed operating system service packs, set up client software and did basic end user training.


- Directed, managed and worked on the company’s $100,000.00 global PeopleSoft Pensions and PeopleSoft HRMS implementation. Negotiated all aspects of the software and consulting services contracts.


- Represented the IT department on the company’s outsourcing team. Evaluated each target company’s IT infrastructure compatibility, operations, security, applications and planned the integration of these into the company’s daily operations. Attended and lead meetings and provided feedback on quotes given by vendors for outsourcing system to an ASP. Negotiated outsourcing fees for seamless transition to vendor.


- Responsible for providing clean database builds for migration team to work with. Restored pensions integrated data for testing, moved data via CD-ROM Media between the locations the migration team were working and the location the servers were located. Was available 24/7 for administration done both locally and remotely via PC Anywhere.



07/1999 – 10/1999

Boeing Airplane Company

Renton, Washington USA

Senior Software Systems Analyst, PDM Software Development Life Cycle (Consultant)


- Wrote test scripts and tested the design of the interfaces and system operation among commercial off-the-shelf systems (Metaphase PDM (Product Data Manager), Baan, Oracle, Orbix, Trilogy, Sequent). Facilitated work groups to produce Interface Control Documents and P+ deliverables that specified the design of the interfaces and system operation. Performed analysis on User Requirements/Business Rules and coordinated implementation of requirements to development team. Facilitated work groups to produce “Interface Control Documents” and P+ deliverables that specified the design of the interfaces and system operation. Managed the analysis and integration of business requirements into the “Interface Control Documents” (SDLC) and P+ deliverables in a manner that is compliant with architectural guidelines and technical constraints established by The Boeing Company and DMR Consulting change management system.


- Established project priorities and managed the activities of the quality assurance testers within the group to deliver projects within established time frames and specifications.

Perform hands-on development of QA test plans, QA tests and the automation of their execution and result auditing. Participated in the testing life cycle including white & black box QA testing, system integration testing, performance/stress testing, and usability testing.

Developed and documented methodologies to improve manufacturing and business processes, integrated manufacturing systems with “Product Data Manager” (PDM) and web applications.


- Assisted in maintaining e-Commerce and Intranet sites. Had primary responsibility for administration and development of the PDM infrastructure in Seattle, WA. Mentored cross-functional teams in a creative but structured manner to arrive at, document, and adequately communicate consensus based integration solutions and interface requirements to the customer.



04/1999 – 07/1999

Microsoft Corporation

Issaquah, Washington USA

Software Design Engineer/Y2K Test Lead (Consultant)


- Delegated creation and implementation of Y2K tests and test tools for the internal “Microsoft Sales” application. In charge of a team of 5 testers responsible for testing Y2K compliance on “Windows NT”, “SQL Server”, and “Internet Information Server”. Responsible for maintaining and executing test cases including scripting languages (VBScript and JavaScript), ASP objects, and SQL stored procedures against very large size SQL databases. Oversaw the development and operation of an automated testing framework, server and UI testing and Y2K testing.


- Wrote test scripts to verify functionality, usability and reliability of database output. Oversaw the development and operation of an automated testing framework, server and UI testing, Y2K testing, driving test requirements with external groups, owning the exit criteria and team management and development. Position required a strong familiarity with Microsoft software testing methodologies, processes, an ability to work with and be a peer to Development, Program Management and Usability Engineering. Tracking QA issues and fixes.


- Required an ability to hire and grow the test team and familiarity with common-common (non Microsoft) test methodologies and technologies, problem communication, organizational and prioritization skills. Maintained and updated the software QA test environment, all software QA test plans, software QA test cases and software QA test procedures.



02/1999 – 04/1999

Hewlett Packard/Jabil Circuit

Boise, Idaho USA

Software/Hardware Systems Analyst (Consultant)


- Assisted in user hardware and software problems. Installed software and instructed end users on its use. Assembled, upgraded and repaired client workstations. Provided expertise on Web development, Access database and other support related issues.


- Performed Unit, Integration, Load, Stress, Link, Security, HTML Validation, Reliability, Regression, Server Log and Java Applet tests for Web and Intranet. Performed Manual and Automated GUI and Client Server Testing. Wrote Test Plans, Test Scripts and Test Cases Development. Oversaw and tested Y2K projects (Baseline, Roll Over, Current Date and Y2K Compliance).


- Performed Unit, Integration, System and Regression testing for various GUI applications. Functional and Structural testing (Black Box and White Box). Prepared Test Result analysis and Problem Report.



06/1998 – 10/1998

Nobeltec Software

Issaquah, Washington USA

Internet/Intranet Developer, NT, IIS, Exchange Systems Administrator (Consultant)


- Developed content for and managed Intranet and Internet servers, developed content, enhanced functionality, maintained security, and performance of the NT and web servers.


- Performed day-to-day administration of NT network consisting of 5 NT servers hosting “Microsoft Exchange” e-mail, “Internet Information Server”, “SQL Server” as well as various file shares and applications. (Created user accounts, e-mail accounts, shares etc.).


- Functionality and reliability testing of database server communications channel software over mixed PC LANs. Set-up of Ethernet based test network, performed modification of shell scripts to run automated tests in a PC environment.



05/1997 – 01/1998

Boeing Airplane Company

Renton, Washington USA

Business Systems Software Analyst, Intranet/Extranet Technologies (Consultant)


- Used DMR Consulting Fujitsu P+ (now Macroscope) to document “Software Development Life Cycle”. Designed, developed and deployed a secure company wide Intranet based Client-Server messaging system. Blueprinted the overall look and feel of the site for which there were no examples or guidelines. Investigated competing browser technologies and how they may impact the effective use of the application from a security and usability standpoint. Managed, architected and developed an Internet commerce system, capable of providing a secure environment in which senior management could discuss company sensitive information regarding customers and competitors.


Performed troubleshooting and testing on TCP/IP network in order to resolve timing issues that were causing errors in application. Wrote documentation for management detailing problems uncovered during this testing and appropriate action to resolve. Oversaw all phases of system analysis, requirements definition, and system troubleshooting techniques using my familiarity with business processes related to Intranet, Internet and Extranet development. Managed, directed and integrated the work of team members.


- Investigated competing browser technologies and how they may impact the effective use of the application from a security and usability standpoint. Responsible for evaluation of software used in the development of Intranet, Internet and Extranet applications on a worldwide level within the Boeing Company. Set company wide standards based on the findings of these evaluations. Performed major modifications to existing requirements systems by directing Boeing personnel engaged in programming and analysis activities. Consulted with users to define and code “User Interface” requirements and determine the feasibility of a system that fulfills the requirements as well as maintains costs and compatibility with departmental objectives and existing standards.



03/1996 – 04/1997

Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, Washington USA

Software Design Engineer/ Software Test Engineer, Intranet Developer, Webmaster (Consultant)


- Reporting to Brad Silverberg, Former Senior Vice President, Internet Platforms and Tools Division, evangelized “Internet Explorer” testing and development projects using pseudo ISP test environment.


- Developed and tested several pieces of software including "Internet Explorer Starter Kit". Tested MCSE certification courses and exams and provided input into the released product.

Clarified software requirements / specifications.

Created black-box / closed-box / open-box / white-box tests.

Created functional / system test procedures.

Created manual test procedures.


- Administered web servers including security and event logs, access requests, directory structure, permissions and other issues as required by numerous teams.

Implemented the use of Microsoft “Visual Source Safe” as a software change management tool allowing safe retrieval, editing and use of files by multiple teams and developers. Installed and maintained MS Back Office server components and clients on numerous NT servers and workstations.


- Tested beta and unreleased software and technologies in an NT Client-Server environment. This included VB Script, Active Server Pages, Beta Web analysis programs and other related network development applications from Microsoft Corporation as well as third party vendors. Implemented and tested ActiveX controls, VB Script, Java Script and Active Server Pages on Internet Information Servers using products such as ActiveX Control Pad and Visual Studio.


- Developed “Internet Explorer” test environment containing ActiveX, Shockwave, RealAudio and other new technologies for viewing within the “Internet Explorer” browser in an effort to reveal bugs in developer code. Used RAID (an internal Microsoft tool) to file bugs against developer database.


- Researched and developed a new Intranet presence showcasing the various teams in the "Applications and Internet Client Group" (AICG, formerly “Internet Platforms and Tools Division”) of Microsoft.





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